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I'm Nikki, creator of The Tacky Tourist. If it's not obvious already, I have a passion for travel! I started going on road trips as a kid and I kept it going as an adult. Many places I visited, I thought about how cool it would be to work there, so I did! I have worked at The Tommy Bartlett Show, Wall Drug, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Dane County Parks and Destination Madison. In 2020, I received two Associates Degrees from Madison College, one in Recreation Management and the other in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

I wanted to create The Tacky Tourist as a way to remember the places I've seen and inspire others to also get out and explore. Working in the tourism field, I have heard too many times that people don't go out and see what's in their own backyard. Since I currently reside in Madison, WI, some of the blogs reflect things to do in the capital. There are also short road trip ideas residents can take with friends, family, or solo!

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