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Weekly Blog: June 3-9

Compared to last week, I would say this week started out strong! On Monday, I went to the movie theatre to see The Muppet Movie on the big screen. Awkwardly, they forgot about us 20 nerds, so someone had to get someone to play the movie.

On Saturday, Mike and I took off to the Sparta Butterfest! Breakfast has been a chicken and biscuit from McDonald's that we can't seem to find at every location. It's really good! It rained most of the morning but thankfully cleared up by the time we got into Sparta.

We stopped at Gamer's Sanctum to visit my brother, Ethan and then headed over to the Fest to watch the milking contest. We checked out the car show and petting farm, and afterwards Mike played a few carnival games to win me a plush frog. I tried Piggy Fingers from Big Girl Street Foods which are pork tenderloin strips and I instantly fell in love.

After Butterfest, we visited the Deke Slayton Museum and said hello to Ben Bikin'.

On the way home, we stopped at one of my favorite places in the state, Dairy Island in Mauston. I LOVE their soft serve and burgers. Plus, they have tons and tons of other great drive in foods.

Sunday was a chill day as I started playing Bear and Breakfast. So far, I am really enjoying it!

Happy Trails!

~The Tacky Tourist

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